Puerto Rican Artists Redefine ‘American Art’ at the Whitney

Rogelio Báez Vega, ID. Escuela Tomás Carrión Maduro, Santurce, Puerto Rico—New on the Market, 2021. Oil, beeswax, and gold pigment on canvas, 60 × 84 in. (152.4 × 213.4 cm).
Photo: Rogelio Báez Vega

On September 19, 2017, as Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, curator Marcela Guerrero was in New York City taking care of her newborn daughter. Like millions of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora, Guerrero, who had started her role as assistant curator at the Whitney Museum just five months before, waited for updates from her family back home. In the days, weeks, months ahead, the cruel truth

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