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These 7 Stars Prove It’s Time For A New Type Of TV Teen

Everyone has a favorite teen series and movie growing up, but we rarely give these titles the flowers they deserve. For too long, shows about high schoolers have been seen as kitsch television — watchable, but not quite prestige.

That era is over. TV teens (and the IRL 20-something rising stars usually playing them) are now reigning supreme on our screens and dominating streaming services. They’re no longer at the kids table; they’re running the show.

As the streaming multiverse continues to expand, every platform needs a YA show to stand out. This summer, we’ve gotten Amazon Prime’s Panic,

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Rick and Morty Season 5, Episode 2 live stream, time, TV channel, cast, how to watch online (6/27/21)

The wildly popular animated series Rick and Morty returns to television tonight with a fresh chapter from Season 5 dropping on Sunday, June 27 with episode 2 airing at 11 p.m. on Adult Swim. In the second episode, which co-creator Justin Roiland said this week should have been the series premiere, Rick and the rest of the Smith family begin to believe they are being hunted after a fake version of the Sanchez/Smith family is murdered by alien assassins and Rick’s nemesis Dr. Nimbus makes another appearance.

• You can watch this episode of Rick and Morty live

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