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Naomi Osaka tells Megyn Kelly to ‘do better’ after tweet over magazine covers

Naomi Osaka shot back at Megyn Kelly after the former NBC News anchor criticized the tennis star for appearing on magazine covers after refusing to speak to media at the French Open.

Osaka made international headlines in May when she announced she wouldn’t participate in post-match news conferences during the tournament, later leaving the French Open and withdrawing from Wimbledon. She said in social media posts at the time that she was instead prioritizing her mental health.

In tweets on Monday, Kelly and conservative commentator Clay Travis appeared to accuse Osaka of not being genuine about her struggles after she

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Quentin Tarantino Tells Bill Maher He Still Plans To Retire After His Next Film & Has Considered (And Dismissed) A ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reboot

In an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Quentin Tarantino reiterated his plan to retire after his next film, noting that he has considered making his swan song a reboot of Reservoir Dogs.

Maher questioned the 58-year-old filmmaker’s intent to quit when he is still in his prime, observing that experience can often enhance creativity. He cited Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s debut film, and observed that the director would perhaps make a superior version of it from his current perspective. “That’s kind of a ‘capture time in a moment’ kind of thing,” Tarantino demurred, though he conceded

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Journalist tells viewers on live TV that he hasn’t been paid

Kalimina Kabinda interrupted his news broadcast on Zambia’s KBN TV on June 19 to say, “away from the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are human beings. We have to get paid.”

“Unfortunately, on KBN we haven’t been paid,” he said, adding that his colleagues were also due payment: “Everyone else haven’t been paid, including myself. We have to get paid.”

Kabinda posted a clip of the broadcast on Facebook, writing in the caption: “Yes I did that on live TV, just because most journalists are scared to speak out doesn’t mean journalists shouldn’t speak out.”
In a statement on
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