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7 Benefits of Using a Tripod in Photography

Tripods are beneficial, multifaceted pieces of equipment that every photographer needs. Most photographers would recommend you get one, regardless of your genre of photography.

We’re going to discuss the benefits of using a tripod in photography and give you some tips on how to use a tripod for the best results.

What Is a Tripod?

If you’re new to the world of photography, you might need a quick 101 on tripods before we jump into the ways they can assist you.

Lone-Standing Tripod

A tripod is a three-legged fixture with a mounted head that serves as a platform for an object—in photography,

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Using Aerial Drone Photography to Market Your Real Estate Property

When it comes to closing real estate deals, photos are your most effective marketing asset. The power of photos to capture the viewer’s attention is unmatched by the power of words. Moreover, quality photographs are the most effective differentiator when it comes to search engines optimization and appearing on top of search results (on Google or Zillow).

Using Aerial Drone Photography to Market Your Real Estate Property in the Hudson Valley – Real Estate Marketing Tips for Home Sellers and Realtors by Maxwell Alexander, CEO, Duncan Avenue Group – Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography Services

According to the National Association

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25 Outstanding Artistic Photos, Winners Of International Siena Creative Photography Awards 2021

The 2021 Siena Creative Photo Awards, a global platform for artistic photography, has released the winners of this year’s competition recognizing and rewarding visionary artists using photographic processes and images.

This internationally prestigious contest, founded in 2015, honors contemporary unique visions and the photographer’s skills to translate them into exceptional and original work in 17 categories.

It “sits at the inventive and

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5 Travel Photography Tips From a National Geographic Photographer

Travel photography can be a tremendously fun and rewarding genre, but it comes with its own unique challenges, particularly with regards to time pressure and the need to be able to familiarize yourself with an environment and produce good images efficiently. This excellent video tutorial features National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson giving five tips that will improve your travel photographs. 

Coming to you from Jim Richardson with B&H Photo and Video, this great video tutorial features five tips for improving your travel photographs. Experiencing the world through your camera can be absolutely wonderful, but travel photography also requires your

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Self-Portrait Photography Inspo: Face Framing with Fabric

How I Got the Shot

Camera and lens: Canon 5Ds and the Sigma EF 50mm f/1.4, Sigma EX 105 mm/2.8 DG OS HSM Macro

Lighting: Godox AD600 strobe, modifed softbox, positioned camera straight above; Godox AD400 modified with a DIY snoot at camera right lighting the background.

Settings: 1/125 of a sec., f/4.5, ISO 100

Lana Polic is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Croatia. She channels all of her passion for photography into taking self-portraits to use them as an educational tool for honing various photographic skills. She credits L.A.-based wedding and portrait photographer Read more

AI Photography Restores Missing Parts of Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’

For the first time in 300 years, viewers can enjoy “The Night Watch” — the iconic painting by Rembrandt — in its entirety thanks to high-resolution photography and computer learning efforts.

The famous masterpiece is a 1642 painting by the Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn and is currently displayed in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. The painting has been on display in numerous homes throughout the centuries prior.

One of the features the painting is celebrated for is its size, which measures 142.9 inches by 172 inches. However, in 1715 the canvas was trimmed by 23.6 inches from the left side, 9 inches

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Master abstract photography with reflections

Discover another world of abstract photography. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of patience – Mike Curry shares his technique

Your guide: Mike Curry
Mike has been a professional photographer for 39 years. His work has won awards in international photography competitions and has been published in the Sunday Times Magazine and Outdoor Photography magazine. In 2017 Mike had a book published by Triplekite Publishing named Fleeting Reflections. Mike is also a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography. Visit www.mikecurryphotography.com

Have you ever noticed flashes of colours and shapes reflected in

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KU will host photography workshop in Hays

KU News Service

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design will host a free, one-day photography workshop for high school students at the Hays Arts Center on July 10.  

Students will spend the day developing camera skills and learning about the art, science and history of photography. Led by Mike Sinclair, professional photographer and the KU photography program’s professor of practice, and assisted by KU photography students, the workshop will give participants the opportunity to see how creative interests, personal experiences and technical know-how can combine to communicate ideas in new ways.

The free event will

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Using an Infrared Flash for Stealthy Street Photography

Street photography is one of the most appreciated genres in photography. By showing daily life in a new way, it can speak to everyone. That explains why some of the most famous photographers are street photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, Martin Parr, Diane Arbus, or Joel Meyerowitz. They created iconic pictures by finding the right moment to catch the interesting details that no one else could have seen.

The Use of Flash in Street Photography

Whereas street photography requires few elements (basically a camera and a public place), its practice can be enriched with the use of other equipment. One

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