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12 Productivity Tips for Photographers Working From Home

If you’re a professional photographer, staying productive while working from home can be challenging. In between at-home photoshoots and long editing sessions, you may find yourself struggling to stay on task and complete your goals.

Fortunately, there are ways around this. Here are some productivity tips that every photographer should keep in mind when working from home.

1. Establish Boundaries

You might think that you can still be productive while working from your bed or in your living room. However, that’s not quite true; playing Netflix while you work or having a friend drop by isn’t going to help with

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The women photographers series: Patricia de Melo Moreira

Paris – “Women have been using cameras since photography was first invented, officially in 1839. They have gone out in public, travelled to unknown lands, observed the world, covered wars, invented new techniques and displayed genius and avant-garde artistic innovation,” says AFP’s head of photography, Marielle Eudes. “And yet most of their names are still hardly known. Women have stayed in the shadow of history, unseen, erased.”

Photographers like Frances Benjamin Johnston, Alice Shalek, Elizabeth “Lee” Miller, Gerda Taro, Eve Arnold, Dorothea Lange, Francoise Huguier and Sabine Weiss have all helped shape the technique and art of photography. A 

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Photographers to Follow on Instagram: June 25, 2021

Every day, the PetaPixel Instagram account is sharing excellent photography from our readers and those who inspire us. Here’s a look at some of our recent favorite posts and the photographers behind the lens.

Our @PetaPixel Instagram page has been posting all the great work that finds its way in front of our eyes. Want to see your photos shared on our account? First, you’ll want to follow us. Then use the #petapixel hashtag in your posts to join our Instagram community of photographers. These steps let us easily find what to share.

Below, we recognize a selection of talented

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