theo jansen’s moving strandbeest sculptures at contemporary art museum, kumamoto

from july 3 to september 12, 2021, the contemporary art museum, kumamoto (CAMK) exhibits dutch artist theo jansen’s ‘strandbeests’. the experimental kinetic sculptures run on the sandy beaches of the netherlands using the power of wind to move. the exhibition brings together more than ten works, including a larger-than-life ‘strandbeest’ with a total length of over 10 meters, which visitors will be able to experience as it moves. theo jansen's moving 'strandbeest' sculptures at contemporary art museum, kumamoto
animaris plaudens vela
2013 (aurum 2013–2015)
10.0×6.0×4.0 m

all images © theo jansen



since 1990, theo jansen has been experimenting with mechanical engineering techniques, building skeletons that use the power of wind

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