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Scientists Develop Camera System that Captures ‘5D’ Images

An international team of scientists has developed an experimental camera system that can simultaneously capture five dimensions of information from a single snapshot. The concept works by combining two types of sensors together to gather a wealth of information all at the same time.

The researchers say that in order to better observe and understand unrepeatable or irreversible dynamic scenes, it is critical for ultra-fast optical imaging to be able to capture the structure of an object, its temporal evolution, and its spectral composition. Those who developed the new system came up against a wall though, as prior to their

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Images of Herzog & de Meuron’s wedge-shaped art institute revealed

Here are the first images of the wedge-shaped ST/SongEun Building by Swiss studio Herzog & de Meuron, which has recently completed in Seoul, South Korea.

The monolithic structure, which is due to open this September in the Chung Dam District, contains art studios and exhibition spaces for the SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation – a non-profit organisation that supports local artists.

A triangular concrete building by Herzog & de Meuron
Above: Herzog & de Meuron is nearing completion on ST/SongEun Building. Top: it has a tactile concrete structure

The ST/SongEun Building, which is Herzog & de Meuron‘s first realised project in South Korea, is characterised by its tactile

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Print your own images using turmeric and sunlight

Turmeric is one of the most vibrantly colored spices you’ll ever find and a staple of Indian cuisine, but it can do so much more than flavor your food. Curcumin, one of the main compounds in the plant, has myriad health benefits, and people have used it for centuries to dye fabric

But curcumin is also a photosensitizer, meaning it chemically reacts when exposed to light. In fact, you can use it to print images using a technique called anthotype, which was developed in the 19th century and uses plant emulsions and sun exposure to create pictures

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