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Hurricane Aftermath, Texas Abortion Law Fallout, NRA’s Future : NPR

Ida leaves a path of death and destruction from the Gulf Coast to New England. Texas clinics that provide abortions face a new reality. The NRA cancels its annual meeting because of the pandemic.


Ida has left behind a path of death and destruction from the Gulf Coast all the way into New England, and the death toll continues to rise.


The power is still out in parts of Louisiana, where Ida first swept ashore and wiped out entire neighborhoods. President Biden is going to travel there today. The greatest loss of life, though,

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Entertainment wars of the future will go beyond video streaming

Digital Media updates

TV’s streaming wars, pitting the biggest media companies against tech concerns such as Amazon and Apple, have barely begun. But it is not too early to make out the next battle lines that are forming, as today’s giants set their sights on an even bigger prize: dominance in online entertainment in all its forms.

The future struggle will involve reaching beyond video to monopolise the attention of audiences in the home and on the go in all types of entertainment. And

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Scooter Braun Talks BTS and His Company’s Future With Korean Entertainment Giant HYBE

When Scooter Braun and Bang Si-hyuk first began to discuss the possible merger of their two companies, their Zoom calls had surprisingly little to do with business. As Braun, whose Ithaca Holdings was acquired by Korean entertainment giant HYBE in a $1.05 billion deal, recounted in a Variety cover story this week: “We talked about our interests, meditation, music, family, and we really became friends.”

The conversations went so well that Braun traveled to South Korea, self-quarantined for the mandated period of time, and saw firsthand the presence and power of the company formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment

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