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Even the Taliban are surprised at how fast they’re advancing in Afghanistan

By seizing ground in far-flung areas in the north, including a border crossing with Tajikistan, the Taliban are forcing the Afghan security forces to balance stretched resources as they try to hold off the insurgents elsewhere in the country, including in provinces near the capital Kabul, he said.

“The Taliban has nearly doubled the number of districts it controls, has captured key areas and military bases, and demoralized segments of the Afghan security forces and the government,” Roggio said.

In the country’s north, the Taliban have taken control of more than 40 districts since the start of May, including a

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F9: How the Fast & Furious films define the 21st Century

This fifth film took things in a strikingly different direction. As Toretto and O’Connor assembled a crew of their old friends from Fast 1 through 4, and planned an impossible heist, it shifted the series’ focus away from street-racing vendettas and onto more high-stakes action, that subsequently came to incorporate international espionage (a move not always for the better). It also introduced another big personality to the mix in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, playing government agent Luke Hobbs. His fights with fellow gigantic bald-headed man Vin Diesel were as entertaining as they were visually absurd, with them

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