Shall I throw away my camera? These images are NOT photographs

The debate over the merit of real photographs versus AI-generated images isn’t a new one. However, what I don’t think most people realize is that AI image generators aren’t limited to esoteric programs and clever software nestled in the depths of the web; the images on this page were all made with a free app, on my iPhone, in less than five minutes. 

Unlike many, more fanciful, AI-generated images with telltale surreality or warped physics or deformed distortions of the real world, the images here are almost indistinguishably photorealistic. 

And again, had I spent more than a literal five minutes with the app (to make all of these, plus a whole bunch more) they would have been even more unbelievably realistic. 

Successful: “portrait photograph of a redhead model wearing sunglasses against an orange backdrop” (Image credit: James Artaius)

Now, there are some caveats. AI still struggles with specific organic characteristics like eyes and teeth. But hey, I might be photographing a subject with bloodshot eyes or teeth that they’re embarrassed about. In both cases, the solution is simple: whack a pair of sunglasses on and keep your lips closed.

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