Mikey Mouse at the Moco Museum

Mikey Mouse at the Moco MuseumIf you are a real art lover, you can find a lot of nice art in Amsterdam such as in the Moco Museum. This museum opened its doors in 2016 and attracts many visitors. It is located in a very nice old mansion at the Museumplein: when you see it, it looks like you are in Switzerland, the top of the facade looks like a traditional Swiss house. The makers mainly focus on young people and there is a lot of modern and contemporary art to be found. You can bring your grandma, but she may be a little too old for this museum, especially for the rooms with brightly colored lights and optical illusions. In short, this museum will surprise you. In this blog we will give you a sneak peek of the veil, but you should really just come and see for yourself. Keep in mind that you must bring a corona pass or a valid QR code.

What can you expect at the Moco Museum?

When you go to the Moco Museum in Amsterdam you can expect a lot of fun. Well-known icons such as Andy Warhol pass by (whom you of course know from pop art). But you can also (temporarily) view a Banksy exhibition. This was a British artist who produced many humorous works of art with a political twist. You will also come across crazy and unusual things, such as a whole pile of cloth (male) genitals. “Is this art?”, you may wonder. Or paintings on fabrics with real flowers incorporated, and a very special version of the Disney character Mickey Mouse. So, many challenging and out of the box art objects await you. The museum has four floors where you can look around extensively, and there is a special light room in the basement. Within a few hours you have seen most of the museum.

Dutch artists also exhibit their work

Not only art by foreign artists is exhibited, you can also view the work of Dutch artists such as the artist of Studio Irma. She uses all kinds of modern techniques, including video mapping: animations or video images are projected onto another object. In this time of corona and strict measures, connecting art, such as the work from Studio Irma, can offer peace. You can step into a fantasy world in this museum by stepping into a colorful kaleidoscope, or by entering a world full of bubbles. This may make you forget real life for a moment. There is also a room with hundreds of diamonds which might give you the feeling we’re all part of a bigger plan in an endless Universe. Art knows no boundaries and you can fully enjoy different kinds of modern, contemporary and streetart at the Moco Museum and take some cool photos. By the way, you can apply for a job there as well, such as floor manager and sales employee for the store. Be sure to check out the website!

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