Michael John Hunter. The More Things Change. JPS Gallery

JPS Gallery is delighted to present The More Things Change, a solo exhibition of Michael John Hunter, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location in LANDMARK ATRIUM.

Showcasing a series of works that challenge our perception of the “real and imaginary”, the exhibition features iconic works of Hunter, including the photography work of Falling Army Man Toy (2021). The sculpture work of the image debuted and gained immense attention in Art Central earlier this year. Academically trained in photography, Hunter also found great passion in sculpture making. This present series is a manifestation of the artist’s two artistic pursuits as well as a display of the versatility of his artistry. By employing what he describes as “fake macro photography” method, Hunter places enlarged sculptures of vintage toys in real-life locations and photographs them at night, often from bird’s-eye view for the enhanced effects demonstrating the actual scale of the sculptures.

Fascinated with details and imperfections in small objects, particularly toys and plastic insects, Hunter builds each of the sculptures with precision and care. The enlarged sculptures are extremely life-like, created with great attention to detail, even including the wear and tear on a child’s toy and the broken wings of a fallen fly.

The sculptures are then installed in specific real-life urban locations, where Hunter photographs them with a five by four film camera. The final images are produced after thoughtful placement and shot in specific heights and platforms in a controlled manner along with carefully orchestrated lighting.

He believes that the toys were our first introduction to art and played a pivotal role in our understanding of art and sculptures. Hunter’s works offer a brand-new assessment of the concept of reality by rescaling and reinterpreting the toys. Hunter challenges the sense of scale and perception in an inherently nostalgic undertone. The presented series invites us to contemplate how truth is perceived through the sculptures themselves and the final photographic works.

About Michael John Hunter

Working across mediums and disciplines, Michael John Hunter investigates the question of real and imaginary, moral and ethical as well as perceptions and presumptions. Installing hyper-realistic sculptures in real-life locations, Hunter challenges the absurdity of today’s value.

The artist creates enormous highly detailed replicas of children’s toys, installing and photographing them at night. Using his ‘fake macro photography’ technique, the hand-sculpted enlarged objects question how imagery can manipulate our view of the world.

Hunter studied Fine Art Photography at the University of Edinburgh and now works within the film industry. The artist now lives and works in London.

About JPS Gallery

Established in 2014 in Hong Kong, JPS Gallery is an independent contemporary art gallery presenting works of emerging and established artists from around the world. The gallery is founded with a passionate spirit that dedicates to the new digital age and the exploration of the world of fine art and pop culture.

We aim to create an innovative environment for a new generation of artists and collectors, fostering a creative space for all. We focus on fun and playful works of the era that spans across different mediums and disciplines, showcasing a discerning selection of works that embody the aesthetics of today.

We are committed to supporting the culture and art scene both in Hong Kong and Japan, creating a vibrant local art community. The gallery regularly presents works of emerging artists in our gallery spaces in Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as international art fairs, giving them a platform to gain global exposure, supporting young artists to launch their careers. JPS has also been an active contributor to society and the local art scene by sponsoring various charity events and auctions.


Shops 218- 219, 2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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