Jensen Ackles Is The DCU’s Batman & Joins David Corenswet’s Superman In Stunning New Art

Jensen Ackles Is The DCU’s Batman & Joins David Corenswet’s Superman In Stunning New Art


  • Jensen Ackles is the current fan-favorite choice to play Batman in the upcoming DC Universe.
  • Fan concept art of Ackles as Batman and David Corenswet as Superman looks incredible.
  • There is no confirmed date for Batman’s debut in the Brave and the Bold movie.

Jensen Ackles becomes Batman alongside David Corenswet’s Superman in exciting DC Universe fan concept art. Corenswet’s Superman: Legacy will be the first among the upcoming DCU movies, starting the shared universe with a fresh take on the Man of Steel. While a Batman reboot will come in the form of DC’s The Brave and the Bold movie, no actor has signed on to play the DCU’s Bruce Wayne. While that does not happen, fans have suggested who should play the DCU’s Batman, and Ackles is the clear favorite at the moment.

Thinking about that, artist @21xfour took to Instagram to share their concept art for what Corenswet’s Superman and Ackles as Batman in the new DC Universe could look like.

The fan concept art imagines the DCU’s World’s Finest, with Corenswet’s Superman donning the Man of Steel’s iconic trunks and Ackles’ Batman sporting a sleek Batsuit. While James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy has a set date to introduce Corenswet’s Superman, Batman has no confirmed date to debut in the new DCU.


What We Know About Superman’s Costume In The DCU Reboot So Far

Excitement is building for Superman: Legacy’s costume reveal, and with the movie shooting in 3 months, here are all the known details about the suit.

When Could Batman & Superman Appear Together In The New DC Universe

Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman facing off in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Corenswet will debut as Clark Kent in the DCU’s first movie, Superman: Legacy. The Superman reboot film will arrive in 2025. While Superman: Legacy will include DCU heroes such as the Guy Gardner version of Green Lantern, played by longtime Gunn collaborator Nathan Fillion, Edi Gathegi’s Mister Terrific, and more, Corenswet’s Superman debut movie will not include Batman.

Back in January 2023, Gunn announced that the DCU’s introduction of Batman would happen in The Brave and the Bold. The movie will be directed by The Flash‘s Andy Muschietti, who will tell the story of Bruce Wayne discovering that he has a young son, Damian, and getting to know him. With other members of the Bat-Family said to be in the film by Gunn, The Brave and the Bold is looking too crowded to feature Batman’s first meeting with Superman.

Going by Superman: Legacy‘s 2025 release date and the fact that director Matt Reeves’ Elseworlds movie The Batman – Part II already releases that year, The Brave and the Bold could be looking at a 2026 or 2027 release. Without any clear crossover project on the announced DCU slate so far, the DCU’s meeting between Batman and Superman is realistically looking at a 2028 or 2029 date. Either a World’s Finest movie or a Justice League reboot could feature Corenswet’s Superman working together with the DCU’s Batman, be it Ackles or somebody else in the role.

Superman: Legacy releases on July 11, 2025. The Brave and the Bold still has no release date set.

Source: @21xfour/Instagram

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