Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in death of George Floyd

Philonise Floyd listed the names of other Black people who lost their lives at the hands of police violence during a post-sentencing press conference.

“The legend will still live on. George isn’t here but his spirit is still here. Breonna Taylor is not here, but her spirit is still here. Eric Garner isn’t here but his spirit is still here,” he said.

George Floyd’s other brother, Terrence Floyd, shared a message of hope.

“We’re Floyd strong and we’re going to stay strong,” he said.

George Floyd’s nephew Brandon Williams said during the press conference, “Twenty-two years and a half is not enough. We deserve a life sentence,” he said.

“What kind of message are you sending to our country? … That you can kill a man in cold blood and get a slap on the wrist? So I won’t celebrate this. I won’t celebrate it at all. But I will celebrate a guilty conviction of a police officer that killed a Black man because far too many times we see them kill us and get right away with it.”

Rodney Floyd, George Floyd’s younger brother, also criticized the sentence.

“This right here, this 22-year sentence they gave this man, is a slap on the wrist. We’re serving a life sentence not having him in our lives. And that hurts me to death,” he said.

Crump rallied the crowd, saying there was still a chance for Chauvin to face more prison time.

“The federal charges are still pending so I do believe … the maximum, it is still attainable to get maximum accountability for George Floyd,” he said, launching a chant of “maximum accountability for George Floyd!”

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