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Foundation trailer: Apple TV Plus series won’t stick to the books, and that’s good

One of the most anticipated upcoming science fiction shows is Foundation. A new trailer for the Apple TV Plus series landed Thursday, showing Jared Harris leading the cast of this heavyweight adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic series of novels. 

Foundation is slated for release on Apple TV Plus. If you’ve never heard of the Foundation books, a search of any sci-fi “best of” list will find it near the top. The series is a staple of the genre. I’ve read it multiple times. The covers by artist Michael Whelan were so influential that I have three signed prints

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Taliban spokesman says he was duped into interview with Israeli TV

JTA — The interview that aired Tuesday was surprising not for what the Taliban spokesman said, but because of who was conducting it: a reporter for Israel’s state TV news channel.

Suhail Shaheen, who has been giving interviews in English from Qatar since the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan, said he had no idea that he was speaking to someone from an Israeli news organization. The Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group, has a history of supporting al-Qaeda, which routinely makes threats against Israel and uses anti-Israel rhetoric in its propaganda.

When Shaheen spoke over video with journalist Roi Kais at

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What’s It Like to Play the Scariest Girls on TV?

Sydney: We were like, “What does that even mean?”

You were filming in late 2020. What was that like?

Sydney: We were locked in our rooms for a couple of days. And then once we got out, we weren’t allowed to leave the property, no one was allowed to come onto the property and we had to test every other day. So the entire time we were walking around wearing masks, or shields if we had makeup on.

It’s really difficult for the director as well, because as an actor we get so much off of the director’s notes and

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Cable TV Lost 1.1 Million Subscribers Last Quarter. They Went Here.

U.S. consumers continue to cancel their conventional cable services. The nation’s six biggest names in the business (which Leichtman Research says accounts for about 95% of the market) collectively lost a little over 1.1 million customers during the three-month stretch ending in June, slowing down Q1’s cord-cutting pace of more than 1.5 million, but continuing the bigger-picture cord-cutting cadence that’s been a problem for the industry since 2014.

A red falling chart compared to a green rising chart.

Image source: Getty Images.

AT&T (NYSE:T) led the way with its loss of 443,000 subscribers as its flagship platform DirecTV undergoes the major disruption of changing ownership hands, although the satellite-based service

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Nicole Kidman granted Hong Kong quarantine exemption for TV series

Actor Nicole Kidman was granted an exemption from Hong Kong’s strict quarantine rules to film a TV series.

“The case in discussion has been granted permission to travel to Hong Kong with a quarantine exemption for the purpose of performing designated professional work, taking into account that it is conducive to maintaining the necessary operation and development of Hong Kong’s economy,” government officials wrote in a statement, The Associated Press reported.

Although the statement did not name Kidman, it came after reports of Kidman skipping quarantine surfaced, which provoked some anger over the decision. 

Residents of the city were

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‘Foundation’ Trailer: Apple TV Plus’ First Look at Isaac Asimov Series

Apple TV Plus released a trailer for and some new images from its upcoming adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation.”

Asimov’s stories were first published in the 1940s as short stories and later (in the 1950s) turned into a trilogy. But in 1981 he returned to the world, adding both sequels and prequels. Now, the saga gets a new life as dramatic television, the first season of which premieres on Sept. 24 with its first two (of 10) episodes and then drops a new episode weekly on Fridays up to and including Nov. 19.

The story follows a band of exiles

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The 100 Best Shows on TV Right Now

Welcome to TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows on TV Right Now. To say that it has been a weird year would be the understatement of all understatements. This may sound a bit hyperbolic, but while the world outside has seemed damn near apocalyptic by every single measure, we’ve found sanctuary in our living rooms and on our TVs, letting television be our escape. It’s not a solution to our problems, but it’s been a salve for our mental health and a way to connect to others when isolation has been crucial to our survival. 

You may laugh at that notion,

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Ted Lasso Leads a New Era of Sincere TV

Could David Brent get hired today?

Ricky Gervais, who awkwardly danced onto TV as Brent in the groundbreaking comedy “The Office” in 2001, was recently interviewed about his and Stephen Merchant’s creation. “Now it would be canceled,” he said, meaning a cultural rather than commercial verdict. “I’m looking forward to when they pick out one thing and try to cancel it.”

Gervais later wrote on Twitter that his remarks were “clearly a joke.” I believe the “joke” part. The “clearly” is debatable, given Gervais’s long history of posturing that his humor is too real for the thought police. Either way,

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Is BYU a Big 12 expansion candidate? In TV, Cougars have surpassed ‘Left Behind 8’

Oklahoma head football coach Lincoln Riley speaks from the stage with mannequins in the back ground during NCAA college football Big 12 media days Wednesday, July 14, 2021, in Arlington, Texas. (LM Otero, Associated Press)

PROVO — As the Big 12 grapples with the reality of losing its flagship institutions, with news that Texas and Oklahoma have formally applied for admission to the Southeastern Conference, the tables now turn to the eight other schools left in the conference.

Big 12 presidents, chancellors and athletic directors will remain engaged in their attempts to keep the Sooners and Longhorns from trading in

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Raspberry Pi CM4 Becomes TV Stick

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects are those that seem so simple, in hindsight, but which it takes a particular type of brain to envisage. Take this Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 conversion from MBS or Magic Blue Smoke, on Hackaday.

The TV stick seen from the USB end

(Image credit: MBS)

Simply by inverting the usual Raspberry Pi 4 HDMI connection, and expanding it to normal size, you can turn the module into a TV stick, ready for action in anything with an HDMI port without an adapter or cable. Load up the on-board MMC with RetroPie or Kodi, and you’ve got the perfect stick

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