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Jeremy Cowart’s Lightograph Animates a Still Photo With Moving Light

GIFs are no longer just cheesy ’90s internet animations that look about as professional as Word Art and PowerPoint animations. As moving photographs become a mainstream form of expression, the media has evolved into fine art. The latest example of this? The Lightograph. Celebrity and portrait photographer Jeremy Cowart‘s patent-pending Lightograph animates a still photograph with moving light.

A self-portrait of the photographer. © Jeremy Cowart

Similar to a Cinemagraph, a Lightograph is a moving photograph. But, unlike a Cinemagraph, the subject doesn’t move. Instead, the light does. This format allows photographers to capture the same subject—and the exact

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11 Tips for Great Nature Photos That Stand Out From the Crowd

So, you just bought a fancy new telephoto or macro lens and can’t wait to get in super tight, frame-filling photos on a cool subject of animals or plants set off against a posterboard smooth background. After all, that’s why you spent lots of money on those lenses, right?

These kinds of traditional nature photos are sure to impress, and I’m happy to have a few in my own portfolio; there’s no denying that they look great on the screen or as a big print on the wall! But after a while, shooting this way can get a bit stagnant,

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7 Benefits of Using a Tripod in Photography

Tripods are beneficial, multifaceted pieces of equipment that every photographer needs. Most photographers would recommend you get one, regardless of your genre of photography.

We’re going to discuss the benefits of using a tripod in photography and give you some tips on how to use a tripod for the best results.

What Is a Tripod?

If you’re new to the world of photography, you might need a quick 101 on tripods before we jump into the ways they can assist you.

Lone-Standing Tripod

A tripod is a three-legged fixture with a mounted head that serves as a platform for an object—in photography,

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What is a BSI sensor? Back-side illuminated sensors explained

BSI, or Back Side Illuminated sensors are also known as ‘Back Illuminated’ sensors. They are a revision of traditional sensor designs which increases the light gathering efficiency of the sensor to deliver higher sensitivity, less noise and better all round image quality.

All sensors have light-sensitive photosites. On older sensor designs, these are partly obscured by the circuitry needed to collect and transfer the light values to the camera’s processor. This means that only a percentage of the sensor surface is actually light sensitive – some of it is wasted by the circuitry in front.

Ideally, there should be no

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Photographer Recreates Large Format Film Look with a Digital Camera

Ukrainian photographer Olexiy Shportun has created an image capture device that combines a digital camera with a system that resembles a large format film camera to produce dreamy, bokeh-rich still-life photos and portraits.

Shportun’s full camera system is huge and slow to use by modern standards, but it allows him to achieve images that have a shallow depth of field and dreamy quality that bypasses what would normally not be possible through more conventional capture methods.

He says that his idea was to create a digital version of an analog large format photo, but avoid the color photo process associated

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Using Aerial Drone Photography to Market Your Real Estate Property

When it comes to closing real estate deals, photos are your most effective marketing asset. The power of photos to capture the viewer’s attention is unmatched by the power of words. Moreover, quality photographs are the most effective differentiator when it comes to search engines optimization and appearing on top of search results (on Google or Zillow).

Using Aerial Drone Photography to Market Your Real Estate Property in the Hudson Valley – Real Estate Marketing Tips for Home Sellers and Realtors by Maxwell Alexander, CEO, Duncan Avenue Group – Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography Services

According to the National Association

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In new novel by Greensboro writer Lee Zacharias, idealism grows up

The popularity of QAnon conspiracy theories continues to astound pundits.

But consider this: In the 1960s into the 1980s, perhaps thousands of smart, college-educated Americans sincerely believed the country was on the verge of a violent, Russian-style revolution. If only enough bombs went off in enough public buildings, the U.S. government and capitalism itself would collapse like a house of cards.

Things turned out a little differently.

Greensboro novelist Lee Zacharias (“At Random,” “Across the Great Lake”) recalls these tense times in “What a Wonderful World This Could Be,” a tale of youthful idealism colliding with age and experience.

"What a Wonderful World This Could Be" is the new novel from Greensboro writer Lee Zacharias. It's about, among other things, '60s radicalism and the lost art of pre-digital photography.


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The beauty of nature with Rob Smith

Rob Smith starts his days early. He only has a few hours before the first light of morning fades and with it the gentle lighting he prefers for his avian photography.

In a year, Smith said he drives over 30,000 miles locally, with the occasional trip to Florida, to his “secret locations” to photograph birds. He makes these trips alone. Smith said he prefers it that way as photography has always been a “lone wolf situation.” It’s just him, his camera and the birds. 

“Birds to me are like flying flowers. They’re incredibly beautiful.”

Smith’s work is on display through

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Rolston rolls up magic in “Art People: The Pageant Portraits”

Through the decades, people have flocked to Laguna Beach to witness for themselves the alluring tableaux vivants of the Pageant of the Masters.

The living picture show, around since 1933, has captivated many, serving as an introduction to art for some, including one celebrated photographer who was so consumed by the show that he sought to incorporate it into his own work.

Matthew Rolston, a noted celebrity and fine art photographer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, said he first went to the Pageant of the Masters when he was a mere 8 years old.

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Photographer Turns Abandoned Monuments into Futuristic Art

A photographer has traveled across the world — mainly ex-Yugoslavia, ex-Soviet, and East European countries — and turned largely abandoned and often neglected monuments into spectacular pieces of futuristic art filled with light and color.

Yang Xiao is a self-described urban explorer, traveler, designer, and architectural and light painting photographer. Originally from China but currently based in Spain, Yang used her project, “Eternal Monuments in the Dark,” to combine her all her passions — travel, light-painting photography, and grand architectural pieces from past generations.

It took her nine years to collect imagery from over 40 countries with the

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