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Art collector says van Gogh authenticators are wrong

Art collector Stuart Pivar — who founded the New York Academy of Art with Andy Warhol in 1979 — is suing the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for $300 million dollars after it declined to authenticate a painting he claims is a long lost work by the Dutch master.

But the museum has reason to think it’s a faux Van Gogh.

As The Post previously reported, Pivar filed a complaint with the New York County Supreme Court on Tuesday alleging that the museum was negligent because it failed to view the painting in real life, and made its judgement based

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Park City tunnels tour like hiking through an art gallery

Three tunnel murals decorate this urban, handicap-accessible trail that also has rural elements

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Murals in tunnels along the Poison Creek Trail in Park City on Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021.

Getting out and communing with nature often is the best part of going on a hike. Nothing beats forest bathing or finding pockets of paintbrushes as you breathe in the freshly oxygenated air.

But sometimes I just want to do a little exploring in a place where I won’t come back dusty, where the views are of the

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Art, terror and erections show VR potential at Venice

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Venice (AFP)

“Can you tell the difference between what is and isn’t real?” intones Tilda Swinton as the room disintegrates into pixels.

Swinton is the latest star to lend her talents to the world of virtual reality, which has been quietly building into a medium with incredible — and disconcerting — potential.

She narrates “Goliath”, about a man’s descent into schizophrenia, illustrated by startling visual effects and interactive experiences that illustrate his slippery hold on reality.

It premiered in the VR section of the Venice Film Festival which is running until

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Now in its Second Year, the Khor Art Initiative Is Aiming to Revitalize Iran’s Beleaguered Arts Community

Last year, Iran was among the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, and the nation’s isolated political status only served to exacerbate an already tragic situation. For artists, revenue sources dried up as exhibitions were abruptly canceled.

Amid the tumult, Saradipour Art Gallery (SARAI), a gallery that focuses on Middle Eastern artists, decided to launch the Khor Art Initiative, an independent art prize defined to discover and support emerging, and mainly Iranian, talents and introduce them to a wider audience. Gallery founder Hassan Saradipour spearheaded the idea, seeing it as a revitalizing event that would bolster optimism and energy

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Still Independent, and Still Exceptional

Coming up in the ’90s, “independent” (often shortened to “indie”) signaled culture that was maverick, authentic and relatively low budget. It meant movies that weren’t Hollywood-blockbuster types and music not released on corporate record labels. And while art didn’t necessarily follow the same ethos, or economic model, the Independent Art Fair, founded by fellow Gen-Xers Elizabeth Dee and Matthew Higgs, kind of felt like it did.

This year, its 12th, is no exception. Still keeping an eye out for overlooked and underrepresented galleries and artists, the Independent is featuring 43 galleries and approximately 100 artists, with lots of women, nonwhite

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Why Art Struggled to Address the Horrors of 9/11

Weeks after the towers fell, Jennifer Bartlett started painting. She had watched them collapse from her roof that September, and in her studio in the West Village she began depicting what almost no one wanted to depict, in her style of solid dots daubed into a grid of little squares. Toward the edges the dots are that distinctive cloudless blue, but most squares she overlaid with two dots, or three, the gray of the smoke superimposed on the red or saffron of the fireball. The dots became embers of exploded airplanes, or TV screen pixels (we had no smartphones then);

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Learn how to paint digital art with ImagineFX issue 204

Learn to paint digital art with ImagineFX 204, out now. Leading digital artist Ayran Oberto creates issue 204’s stunning cover. Inside, discover how the artist embraces spontaneity to paint with freedom. Using Photoshop, he reveals how painting hair can take on a new life if you’re unsure how it will end.

Read Ayran Oberto’s process this issue, download his custom brushes, and follow along with his video tuition. If you want to get better at painting using Photoshop, our cover artist is one of the best to learn from! (You can also start by downloading these free Photoshop brushes).


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Review | An important project somewhat marred by its execution: the Corning Museum’s VR recreation of a lost glass drawing room in a London palace | In Sparkling Company: Glass and the Costs of Social Life in Britain During the 1700s

The Art Newspaper’s XR Panel

What exactly is extended reality (XR) and how is it being used in art? We bring together an international group of experts in the field to review and make sense of the cutting-edge, digital work that artists, museums, galleries and app-makers are creating across the spectrum of XR—from augmented to virtual reality.

Each XR review gives an overview of a project and a statement from the creators before our expert panel rate it based on ease of use, how good the art is, the medium-specific qualities it employs and whether it breaks new ground. Read

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8 Black Art Advisors Transforming the Art Market from the Inside

Alaina Simone worked at several galleries, including G. R. N’Namdi Gallery, before climbing up to artist liaison, curator, and board member. She approaches her interdisciplinary career with reverence and respect for the artists she works with and the clients to whom she sells, and draws on her own artistic training. “I grew up taking drawing, painting, piano, and dance classes as a child,” she said.

Simone has many roles, serving as a consultant for artists, galleries, and institutions while also writing, producing, and managing brand collaborations. Ruminating on what initially drew her to the art world, she cited her move
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Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Listening Party Was Brilliant, Provocative Performance Art

It was hard not to think back to the last time Kanye did something like this. But if 2016’s Life of Pablo, which debuted with a similar fashion-fueled fanfare at Madison Square Garden with instantly collectible T-shirts by Cali Thornhill Dewitt, sealed the next few years as the age of the blockbuster T-shirt in fashion, Gvasalia and West have signaled that we are now in the era of the puffer. Both figures treat the garment as emblematic of our moment. At one point, West picked up the comforter on the mattress and slipped it over his shoulders to reveal

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