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Jeremy Cowart’s Lightograph Animates a Still Photo With Moving Light

GIFs are no longer just cheesy ’90s internet animations that look about as professional as Word Art and PowerPoint animations. As moving photographs become a mainstream form of expression, the media has evolved into fine art. The latest example of this? The Lightograph. Celebrity and portrait photographer Jeremy Cowart‘s patent-pending Lightograph animates a still photograph with moving light.

A self-portrait of the photographer. © Jeremy Cowart

Similar to a Cinemagraph, a Lightograph is a moving photograph. But, unlike a Cinemagraph, the subject doesn’t move. Instead, the light does. This format allows photographers to capture the same subject—and the exact

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Trust science ‘more than something you read on Facebook’

In March 2020, just weeks into a nationwide shutdown as the coronavirus began wreaking havoc all over the country, Matt Damon and his co-stars from Contagion took to the internet with a series of PSAs for COVID-obsessed Americans.

At the time, Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 startlingly accurate film about a fictional devastating pandemic found new popularity on streaming services. That prompted Damon (who played a man immune to the disease), Kate Winslet and company to collaborate with medical experts to encourage people to trust science and embrace social-distancing.

“You can actually sit on the couch or in a chair, like I’m

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Your Concise New York Art Guide for July 2021

This month, beat the New York humidity with a trip to some of the summer’s most anticipated exhibitions (all of which are delightfully temperature controlled). From retrospectives devoted to Shahzia Sikander, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Wardell Milan, to a tribute to the legendary (but little documented) Sapphire Show, there’s plenty to see.

Keep the (HEPA-filtered) air flowing.

—Dessane Lopez Cassell

Lynn Hershman Leeson, “Synthia Stock Ticker” (2000), network-based multimedia artwork, 15 x 11 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches (image courtesy the artist; Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York; and Altman Siegel, San Francisco)

When: through October 3
Where: New Museum

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Naomi Osaka tells Megyn Kelly to ‘do better’ after tweet over magazine covers

Naomi Osaka shot back at Megyn Kelly after the former NBC News anchor criticized the tennis star for appearing on magazine covers after refusing to speak to media at the French Open.

Osaka made international headlines in May when she announced she wouldn’t participate in post-match news conferences during the tournament, later leaving the French Open and withdrawing from Wimbledon. She said in social media posts at the time that she was instead prioritizing her mental health.

In tweets on Monday, Kelly and conservative commentator Clay Travis appeared to accuse Osaka of not being genuine about her struggles after she

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This YSRC MLA trying his luck in films!

This YSRC MLA trying his luck in films!

YSR Congress party MLA from Chodavaram assembly constituency in Visakhapatnam Karanam Dharmasri might be busy in politics and public activities in his constituency.

But whenever time permits, he will not hesitate to fulfil his dream in acting.

Known for his theatrical talents, Dharmasri is presently playing the role of a “Rishi” (sage) in an upcoming devotional film being made by some film enthusiasts in north coastal Andhra.

The other day, Dharmasri was caught by camera performing penance on a rock deep in the forests of Paderu, donning the make-up of a sage. 

The film is based on a story depicting

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The Best Movies and Shows to Watch in July on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max

If you’ve spent your July vacationing in exotic locales and getting fanned by palm fronds poolside while shirtless cabana boys brought you blended drinks with umbrellas in them, congratulations, you just wasted your time. Instead of getting tan, you could have been watching some great television, streaming movies, and not falling behind on the best that pop culture has to offer. The good news is that there are still plenty of days left in July to wash off the sunscreen and park your butt on the couch.

This month features the returns of bonafide hits (American Horror Story,

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11 Tips for Great Nature Photos That Stand Out From the Crowd

So, you just bought a fancy new telephoto or macro lens and can’t wait to get in super tight, frame-filling photos on a cool subject of animals or plants set off against a posterboard smooth background. After all, that’s why you spent lots of money on those lenses, right?

These kinds of traditional nature photos are sure to impress, and I’m happy to have a few in my own portfolio; there’s no denying that they look great on the screen or as a big print on the wall! But after a while, shooting this way can get a bit stagnant,

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Traffic calming murals among many art projects coming to Metcalfe Park

The first in a series of art projects occurring in the Metcalfe Park community over the summer began this week — even if it faced a Monday rain delay. 

Artist Quan Caston, who lives in the neighborhood, used sidewalk chalk to sketch out his literacy-themed comic strip about a butterfly and had just begun painting when the rains came. He took his inspiration for his mural from Butterfly Park where it is located. 

With the rain, his 12-panel sidewalk mural became a blurry haze of blue and white paint. Undaunted Caston vowed to finish the project when the weather cooperated.

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Twitter suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, again, for Covid-19 tweets

Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., on Monday after a pair of posts about Covid-19 that the company said violated its misinformation policy.

Greene, who has compared mask mandates at the U.S. Capitol to the Holocaust and was suspended from Twitter earlier this year for making false claims about voter fraud, will be locked out of the social media platform for 12 hours.

In the tweets, posted Sunday and Monday, Greene made unsubstantiated claims about Covid-19 and the vaccination effort.

The claims come as a new, more contagious variant of the coronavirus surges across states with low vaccination rates,

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Titanic Superfan Points Out Amazing Unnoticed Historical Easter Egg in Film

A Titanic fan has pointed out an unnoticed Easter egg in the 1997 film, which has blown away viewers.

J. Bruce Ismay is the focus of the Easter egg—the chairman of White Star Line which owned the Titanic ship. Ismay is depicted throughout the film and features in one very specific scene.

Over the years, Ismay has become the centre of rumours surrounding his part in the ship’s sinking, although he has remained adamant that he was simply aboard the Titanic as a passenger, and had no say in its running.

In particular, rumours swirled that Ismay pressured the ship’s

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